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Research Summary

Post by Miles on Mon Oct 10, 2016 6:04 pm

The last few days and the last week I researched a lot to make my project as good as possible. Oh wow, I found out a lot of new and cool things.
First of all I found some awesome scripts on Scratch that can help me when I am stuck with something. Also they clearly show me that I can make my maps by myself and as complicated as I want them to as well as how I am able to let the Map scroll while the Player is moving. Furthermore I found some great tutorials on youtube that told me how I can actually make the sprite stop when it hits a wall or how to import a map at all - it will stop when it touches a defined colour! Thats a great way of doing it actually - I would be happy to get this done how it was showed.
Also I did some research about future ideas of our world since I want to make the story set in the future. Many people think that the humans will leave the earth behind to life on Mars or Moon which have been (in some cases) terra--. This means that they were made to be like our earth that we left because of global warming and all the waste. I think I surely can pull a good story with that one. Since I already have some Ideas.
Furthermore I researched about how I can reduce my stress. All the sites I visited told me to write a Stress Journal - well let's see if I am going to not forget to write in there at all XD But next to that I should spent more time with other people and relax more at all. Also more getting moved would be a very good point since I am like a little couch potato. Probably I will sign up for basketball in winter or visiting the gym in that time.
The last point worth mentioning is that I looked up how I can fight against my sometimes fixed mindset - I liked the tip to answer fixed mindset voices with sentence that a growth mindset will do. That will be my strategy when I feel like I am fixed in what I am thinking again.

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