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Graphics for the Game

Post by Miles on Sun Jan 15, 2017 3:22 pm

I listened to an Inteview of Rebecca Sugar, the character designer of Steven Universe, and heard a lot of new things about character designs. So I decided to do what she said and sketch a bit more of Miles to see, how he could look even better. After some sketches I came to a hard decission between my first design and the latest in a chibiform.
Since she adivced people to ask for feedback, I asked some friends of mine which one I should choose - most of them said, that they liked the first design more, because he looks more realistic. Also somebody said, that, since he is almost adult after all, it would be a shame to make him look like a little kit, just because of his character. Therefore I will stay at working with my first designs - thanks to all.


Second is, that I started sketching and drawing the maps. Here is the sketch, how the first map will look like.
Map #1 Sketch

Since I feel, like it is more of a timewaste to sketch traditionally and then do it digitally, I decided to sketch the other maps digital right away, so that I can just draw over my sketch and maybe even improve it right away. Also I think that the tutorials about how to draw water and stone will come in handy.
They already came in handy, when I was drawing the cover of the game yesterday. As you can see on this finished picture -> Cover
I am pretty proud of this artwork, since I used also my new experiences and knowledges about cat anatomy, making it possible to overcome the challenge of drawing such an perspective.

Third i also did the startscreen of the game, the game over and the sprites for Miles in the morning today. With this done the only things I am missing are the maps and the sprites for Elysa.
Game Over

While making the Sprites, I could also collect new experiences about cat anatomy, exspecially the walkcycle. I have to admit, that drawing the sprites was pretty hard. I was not sure where to put the legs, although I read about anatomy. But I tried my best and decided to make it as simple as possible. This would make the anatomy as correct as I can (since there are only 3 frames, that can have mistakes) instead of even more ones with even more mistakes. This was a good steep to find a good solution.

Furthermore I talked with somebody on WhatsApp about, what my game is about. While telling her, I decided to make the cat face scientific and technological innovations as enemies but he does not know what exactly it is, since he is a cat. I will also stay by making the levels more heated up, like the world is going to die right now.
But there was also another interesting thing, that this conversation made me think about. About lives, like you have in most platform games. If you die, you loose a life and if you loose them all, you get a game over. So this will make the game more difficult to solve, which encourages the players on trying harder than they would without lifes. I will try to include this.

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