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Start of the Month

Post by Miles on Mon Nov 14, 2016 7:13 pm

With the beginning of November, I decided to start off the month with that what I achieved the first two weeks. True, when I look back on those two weeks - I did not do much and I know that I have to do more, once I am through the exam. But for the moment I will reflect on what I have done this month until now.

I actually wanted to make the maps for my game and insert them into the engine, but it seemed that this is much more complicated than I first thought, so I spend the weekend with figuring it out. When I made up a thesis I decided to call my dad to use my communication skills to explain him the problem and get a feedback from him what he thinks. We came up with the same opinion and I am going to meet my supervisor next week to ask more about it, so that I do not do the maps for nothing.

Also I noticed that I made a big mistake in my planning calendar. Originally I had planned to sell the game after making it to raise fond but this was a too big project why I had to cross this - and forgot to change the planning of december and january in my planning. I will therefore move everything in those two months around 1-3 weeks to get the planning right again.

Also I demonstrated good social and communication skills again today. i was searching for books on scratch desperately for finding out more - and because I asked Catalina without being shy I got to know that she has books on my topic and will now bring them over - thats awesome.

I will lay down the project for 1 more week, since i cant talk to my supervisor, but will put it up again then. Especially when the exams are over.

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