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From 5th of October

Post by Miles on Thu Oct 06, 2016 5:32 pm

I met with Mr. Santiago again today and told him about that I found out that I could not use the program that I actually wanted to use for the Project. I firstly were unsure about using scratch as the program I should work with but he made me more convident after some time. Also he pointed me into the directon to connect my game with the global context in form of the story. This means I will do a story about the future of our world when we keep on being so wasteful because of all the scientific and technological innovations. I really like this direction. It also gave me one rough Idea for the Story too since we thought about the Film Wall-E. I want to set the story in the far (or not so far future) were the earth will be flooded by all the waste that we created. The protagonist will be living in this world and sometimes will tell stories about his life (which is also the life of many other people in his future). He has a abiltity to find out about the past when he touches old private things like clothes, cars,..  The Player should then help him to find a very powerful object (one that was very important to it's owner), so that he can jump back to the time from which this item comes. But on this adventure he will also have to face stray mutated dogs and other creatures that want to harm him. This is a very rough idea but I think I will work on this one. This story should have some dramatic note so that the players are forced to think about what we should do to prevent something like this future from happening, like recycling clothes, to not produce too much waste,.. and many other things.
Also I submitted my Summary Sheet for feedback to Ms. Forrest to improve it as much as I can. She marked me a lot of things and I looked over all of it again and made changes. Hopefully Mr. Santiago takes a look at it too. Yay for Improvement.

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