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Outcome finished

Post by Miles on Sat Jan 28, 2017 11:34 am

Today, after another two hours of working - I finally finished my project with help of an template! I finally did it. Now that I am finished I am very happy and also relieved that although I had so less time, I was able to finish my outcome. I tried to stay calm the last days, and it really worked out. I only encountered some small problems and I could overcome them pretty fast, because I was calm and conscious about what I was doing.

One of the problems was, that the maps did not really connect with each other. There were white spaces, that I needed to fix. I then figured out, that I should type in the coordinates that were included in the Engine/Template where the map starts and where it ends. This solved the problem - but to find this solution it took me 2-3 days..

Another problem was, that first the colors did not react, when I touched them e.g. when you walked through the spikes, nothing happened. You didnt loose a life or anything. But I simply forgot to include a forever-lapse, so that the game checked for the color to be touched throughout the whole game!

When I now reflect on when I started doing the project, I have to say that I learned a lot. First of all I learned to not overestimate myself anymore, only because I can do HTML. It does not matter, Scratch is something else and you have to start at 0, even if you got a sense of what is happening. Also I learned a lot about the process of a game, learned about how Games can possibly change our world (our attitudes, environment,..) and how technological and scientific innovations can actually harm our planet through them being made and then discarted. Althrough I was really stressed and sometimes felt like I couldnt do it, I am now very happy to have had this experience of making my own Project.


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