Solving Problems

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Solving Problems

Post by Miles on Wed Jan 25, 2017 7:05 pm

Since there where still some problems I couldnt fix, I searched for my coding-teacher again. I canceled basketball and remembered that he would be in the Design Club, where I could find him. Luckily he had time, so that I could demonstrate the problem to him. The problem simply was, that at one part of the map, the character was not jumping onto the platform, it was sliding through it and falling out of the map. After some time of investigating we found out, that the color was slightly changed and did therefore not match the color, which I set as the color, that the character could walk on!
Also he took a look at the map, sticking out on the side. He discovered that my code of the mapplacing was completly wrong, which now causes me, to redo the whole code, which is connected to moving the parts of the map - basicially everything. And I have only one week left. Great. I will try to keep calm and do it as good and fast as I can.
Also he gave me feedback on the dialogues I already put in. He said, at the beginning he thinks there is too much information, thats why I will shorten it down.

I already inserted the beginning into the game, but I wrote it out beforehand, as you can see here.


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