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Supervisor Meeting

Post by Miles on Wed Jan 18, 2017 8:17 pm

Today I was meeting my Supervisor and Coding Teacher again, to ask him for some help with my problems as coding teacher and on the other hand about the global context. I felt like I would not be able to take scientific and technological innovations anymore - but thanks to the discussion I now know what I can write to connect the context to my process. The strand that will matter for me is the impact of innovations on our communities and on environment. My game will educate the player, that on the one hand technology is extremly helpful (Laptops, Light,..) but on the other hand that not all parts can be recycled or are just thrown away, which destroys our environment and is a pressure for many communities. On the weekend I will research about games for chance and manufactured landscapes to learn more about those two sides of the impact of innovations on our humanity. And other articles that I may happen to come along with.
Furthermore I was able to solve most of my problems. Firstly, he explained me, how I could keep the cat from sinking into the ground. Wow, I wonder if I would have been able to come up with this. He told me, that I can use a small black sprite to but onto the legs of the cat which will be made invisible. As soon as this block touches the set color, it will tell the sprite to move here, making it look more realistic and to not let the cat sink into the ground anymore.
Also I were able to solve the mystery of the white spot in the beginning of the first map. It is because of the fixed size of the Map. I can let it disappear to create a background for this bit of the map so that nobody notices it.
I could even solve the problem with the map that is sticking out on the edge. He said, I should change the coordinates of were the Map is placed as soon as it appears. This will move it out of the screen. Great idea!
Communication Skills were my rescue at those problems - again. I will try to set those into practise today.

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