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Report writing

Post by Miles on Mon Jan 16, 2017 12:46 pm

- Adress the strands under the Criterion Title z.B. Investigating
(Look at Student Information and Guidelines and paw print handout for the whole thing (ManageBac))
- Talk about the 3 strands. It does not matter how
"I started the Personal Project..." -> It should be formal language but with I
no contractions (do not,..) and no abreviations
-> you can do 3 seperate Paragraphs but you do not to
(- Summary Plan from beginning, MYP Subject Knowledge you learned in class, activities, Research template (Annotated Bibliogrpahy), L2 Researchskills (ManageBac) -> may examples)
!! worry about extracts later !!
- structure it in 4 sections to get more points
- Summary Sheet, Research Template -> Invenstigation A
"why did i research there and there (from people, from internet,...)" -> Research Skills!
- refer to research (List of References on the end of Report)

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