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The Storyboard

Post by Miles on Sat Jan 07, 2017 4:51 pm

Today I spent a lot of time on drawing a rough storyboard, that I can hold onto, while making the game. Already while working everything out and drawing it, I realized that I felt much more secure in what I am planning to do. This feeling and also this 'orientation' will definitely make it more easier for me to stay on track and also to spend less time on thinking about "what am I doing next?" since the order of events is already fixed in this storyboard.

[url=""]Page 1[/url]
Part 2
Page 3
[url=""]Page 4[/url]

I left the Parts for the fights empty, because i want to keep the option to choose a Turn-based Battle System open as well. But I will try to go for an action based one.


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